CHEWS (Care Homes Early Warning Signs) Course

Delivery Method: Face-to-face
CHEWS (Care Homes Early Warning Signs) Course

CHEWS is a state of the art RCN accredited (CPD 8 Hours) one day course specifically designed for nurses based on the 'Early Warning Scoring' (EWS) systems used in today's modern hospitals, based on the maxim of 'prevention rather than cure'.

CHEWS covers some of the most topical issues facing nurses in residential and community settings today (Sepsis, etc.), delivering very obvious benefits by realising their potential to be able to spot signs of illness and/or deterioration in a resident/patient that much earlier, making them an even more valuable asset to the care setting by training them in improvement methods, realising better outcomes, ensuring that any move to an acute care setting is only required when absolutely necessary, thus further supporting the 'out of hospital strategy'.

Areas covered included:

  • The Ageing Process,
  • A - E Assessment,
  • Altered Levels of Consciousness,
  • Cardiac Failure / CCF / Atrial Fibrilation / Hypotension / Hypertension,
  • Oliguria / Kidney Injury,
  • Respiratory Failure / Oxygen Therapy / Asthma / COPD,
  • Subcutaneous Fluids,
  • Case Scenarios (Topical and relevent to a residential care setting).

To date all CHEWS courses have received a 100% positive feedback, some examples are:

  1. "An excellent course for nursing home nurses"
  2. "Most useful training event I have been on in the last 5 years"
  3. "Would have helped a relative, if I had known how to spot the signs and symptoms of Sepsis" (written by a nurse, whose husband had died from this very deadly, (but treatable if caught in time),  disease).
  • 100% have said that they would recommend this course to friends and colleagues
Course Materials

All CHEWS delegates shall receive a CHEWS Course Manual (on Disk), laminated aide-memoire, Certificate of Attendance and any and all 'supporting documentation' requested.



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