Care Certificate Learner Assessment Toolkit

National Skills Academy for Health
Delivery Method: Resources

The Care Certificate Learner Assessment Toolkit is broken down into modules to cover 13 of the Care Certificate Standards allowing learners to gain the essential knowledge whilst allowing the opportunity to experience the different scenarios within the workplace.

Each module takes you through the learning outcomes to ensure you and your staff understand each standard and get the necessary learnings to pass the certificate.

Free Privacy & Dignity Chapter Download:

To allow you to try the toolkit, we are offering you the opportunity to download the Privacy & Dignity Standard completely free of charge. Click here to download your sample standard.

What does the toolkit include?

This cost effective learning resource addresses the Care Certificate with an efficient tracking tool to measure the learner's progress. The toolkit contains the following resources for each Care Certificate Standard*:

  • A Knowledge Assessment Booklet - Helps you ask your staff questions to be able to assess their understanding against the knowledge outcomes of each standard
  • A Witness Testimony Template - Provides assessors or expert witnesses with a template to evaluate their staff's performance against the competence outcomes of each standard
  • An Evidence Record Sheet that provides employers, learners and assessors with an auditable tracking document and record of achievement. This will help learners and assessors to be able to identify any gaps and plan future learning and assessment opportunities
  • Example Activity - Each standard includes an illustration of the type of activity that might be used as part of a development programme

The Care Certificate Assessment Toolkit has been produced and moderated by our learning coordinator, Samantha Karim, a qualified Teacher, Assessor and Internal Verifier able to deliver the following frameworks:

  • Health and Social Care L1 Level 2 and 3
  • Business Admin Level 2 and 3
  • Customer Service Level 2 and 3
  • Level 2 and 3 Health care support

What standards are covered?

*The Care Certificate learner assessment toolkit covers 13 of the 15 Care Certificate standards - the two exceptions being safeguarding children and basic life support. Witness statements are not included for awareness of mental health, LD & dementia as these are not a requirement of the standard.

Who is the toolkit for?

The toolkit it is primarily aimed at:

  • Care Certificate Assessors
  • Learning and development managers
  • HR managers
  • Managers wishing to further their understanding of the Care Certificate
  • Anyone responsible for ensuring Care Certificate completion and standardisation
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