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The Infection Control Game is an interactive board game, which helps frontline healthcare staff to understand infection prevention and control more effectively. The game focuses particularly on the management of Norovirus and C. difficile, and gives staff a platform to consider their approach to infection control.

The game is set on Burton Ward, where an infection outbreak is about to occur. Players must work together to spot the signs of an outbreak and stop it from happening. If they fail, they must manage the consequences of ward closure. The game board depicts the ward, with patients situated throughout. It takes around an hour to play, and the board game session is integrated with a video presentation which guides the team through a fast paced “day in the life” of Burton Ward. As the game develops, the video presents challenges which players must manage within the game.

The Infection Control Game is a hands-on approach to learning about infection prevention and control. Active participation encourages players to make real world connections with the importance of minimising infection. The game is designed to provoke reflection and deeper thinking into how to manage infection, and promotes teamwork and discussion to do so. Developing a conversation around the issue allows players to share knowledge and learn from each other’s experiences. Playing the Infection Control Game helps healthcare staff to make positive changes to minimise infection – can your team manage Burton Ward and stop the outbreak from spreading?

Playing the game lets players explore the complexities of:

  • Warning signs that infection may be present
  • Infection prevention methods
  • Managing an infection outbreak
  • Value of effective communication

Suitable for staff in any care setting where an infection outbreak is possible.


Develop a practical understanding of good practice.

Improved ability to recognise an impending outbreak.

Increased staff confidence in controlling outbreaks which do occur.

Game specification

Between 5 and 15 players working together.

No external specialist facilitator needed.

Suitable for any acute and community care settings

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