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Hospital Life is an interactive board game developed with NHS Scotland which demonstrates how patients move around a hospital. It is highly beneficial in helping hospital staff to improve operational efficiency, with regards to patient flow and capacity management.

Hospital Life helps players to realise that planning and communication are vital to maximise efficiency. The game board illustrates a virtual hospital, with patient character cards situated throughout. Players take on different job roles within the hospital and work together to manage the hospital.

The board game session is integrated with a video, which presents players with a series of tasks and challenges based on typical occurrences in a hospital. Using discussion and teamwork, players attempt to manage their virtual hospital, coping with patient arrivals and discharges, ward transfers, staff management and other unexpected situations.

Hospital Life is an enjoyable and engaging board game. The game is designed for between 3 and 13 people and you’ll need around two hours to play, and staff of all disciplines are encouraged to get involved. Bringing staff together can help everyone to understand how all members of the team can work together to create an efficient environment. Hospital Life presents a refreshing approach to learning. Working as a team encourages discussion and conversation around the challenges of hospital operations.

At the end of the game, players are encouraged to talk about and reflect upon the experience, helping them to understand their role in effective hospital management.

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