Professional Development Suite for General Practice

Delivery Method: e-Learning

Ararna's professional development suite addresses key business skills for General Practice to help improve the working life of staff, enhance the patient experience and optimise the professional skills of your staff.

From as little as £7.20 per member of staff (£0.32 per module) per year, your practice can benefit from one years access for your practice staff to the following e-learning modules:

  1. Action Learning - Effectively work as a team to find the ideal solution.
  2. Active Listening - Optimise workplace communication through active listening to maximise productivity.
  3. Active Questioning - Effectively manage workplace conversations to strengthen relationships and knowledge.
  4. Cause & Effect - Competently use cause and effect diagrams as part of root cause analysis in efficient workplace problem solving.
  5. Change Management - Effectively implement change within your workplace.
  6. Conflict Resolution - Effectively identify and resolve workplace conflicts.
  7. Managing Demand - Optimise access within practice through the use of the demand cycle and associated tools.
  8. Managing Risk - Adopt a systematic approach to risk management to ensure long-term sustainability.
  9. Managing Your Energy - Organise your work routine to maximise energy efficiency, gaining control of your time.
  10. Managing Your Stress - Regain control of your working life, confidently and competently responding to workplace challenges.
  11. Organisational Development - Develop and improve your organisation using a range of proven development tools and models.
  12. Patient Centred Care - Encourage a Patient Centred Care approach throughout your practice.
  13. Patient Engagement - Ensure your service effectively meets patient demand through competent patient engagement.
  14. Patient Engagement Marginalised Communities - Discover practical tools to improve the access needs of marginalised communities within your catchment area, helping to prevent costly unplanned admissions and improve patient experience.
  15. Performance Management (HR) - Improve organisational performance through people performance management, identifying skill gaps and dealing with performance issues.
  16. Process Mapping and Improvement - Drive efficiency through the streamlining of practice processes.
  17. Recruitment and Selection - Attract and recruit the right employees through a robust recruitment and selection process.
  18. Sickness Absence Management - Prepare for, monitor and manage sickness absence effectively to reduce its impact on the organisation.
  19. Stakeholder Management - Effectively engage with your stakeholders to drive a responsive service.
  20. Systems Thinking - Gain insight into a new level of problem solving to address workplace challenges at their root cause
  21. Time Management - Manage your time effectively to improve productivity and efficiency within your working life
  22. Workplace Confidence - Develop your self-confidence to place yourself on the path to career success
    - New Modules added every month including Marketing in Practice, Legal & Finance.

For more information on each topic within the subscription suite, please visit our website

Each topic can be purchased on an individual basis for 12 months, Click here for more informaiton

Accreditations & CIPD

Each module utilises interactive learning content that is easily accessible on any device with an internet access and allows development at the users own pace. Staff will have access to all modules and professional development products, and will be awarded a certificate upon successful completion of each module for their development records.

The subscription suite allows practice staff access to all professional development material. With new material and e-learning modules being continuously produced users will have access to the latest content as soon as it is published, included within the subscription period.

We believe this suite of professional development material to be a time and financially effective solution to the issues facing professional development in primary care today.

Subscription details:

All subscriptions are for 12 months, and based on a number of users per practice. All subscriptions packages are on a per practice basis as follows:

  • 0-10 users: £86.40 inc VAT per practice annually
  • 11-25 users: £115.20 inc VAT per practice annually
  • 25+ users: £144.00 inc VAT per practice annually

You can select your desired package size after clicking 'book now'. Prices listed are the total price paid - e.g. if you have a practice with 20 users, you pay £115.20 inc VAT in total.

Once your practice has subscribed you will receive an access link for practice staff to access all professional development products. Subscriptions recur annually but can be managed or cancelled from within your dashboard at any time. Please make an enquiry if you wish to pay via invoice.

About Ararna:

We are a recognised training centre able to deliver National Open College Network (NOCN) qualifications and are ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 accredited. We are also a corporate training partner for the National Association of Primary Care.

“From a clinical point of view we have most things covered, but practice staff would benefit from development of core professional skills. This suite provides easily accessible quality content in an effective and time efficient way. I believe this is the way forward to an improved general practice for all...” Practice Manager (Midlands)

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