Digital Impact Consultancy

Madeleine Sugden
Delivery Method: Consultancy
  • Is your organisation making the most of its digital channels?
  • Are you driving donations or relationships through your social channels?

I help charities think about the way they communicate online and through digital channels to improve their digital impact.

Audit and review

I can audit your digital channels and review your content. How many channels are you using? Are they all working well? How are you using images, video, storytelling? Is your content interesting and persuasive?

People and processes

I also look at staff time and processes to understand how you manage your channels. How is responsibility shared? Is there a content plan or digital strategy? Does this work?


Assessment of your impact is a mixture of data measuring effectiveness (such as clicks, donations, engagement) as well as comments and feedback.

Working together

Throughout the process we work together; listening and learning. It can be very useful to hold a workshop to explore common issues from across the organisation. The conversation is rarely is just about digital. At the end of the process, we work together to plan next steps that deliver organisational goals. The process can be stand-alone or complement digital strategy work or a digital transformation.


Digital impact work is useful whatever stage your organisation is at. Some of the charities I work with are just getting started and need training as well as someone to come in and set things up. Other organisations have got stuck in a rut and need a digital healthcheck to assess where they are. Some have grown too fast and have too many channels but don't know where to rationalise. I can help.

Whatever stage you are at, please get in touch.

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