Mandatory Training for Healthcare Professionals Aligned to UK CSTF

The Health and Safety Group Ltd
Delivery Method: Face-to-face

Mandatory training has reopened across the UK with all Govt. social distancing + infection precautions in place!

This classroom based training day is for ALL healthcare professionals, whether part time, full time or agency workers.

Practical Course Content:

(This classroom based training day includes the essential practical elements of Manual Handling and Resuscitation)

  • CSTF Infection Prevention & Control (Levels 1 and 2)
  • CSTF Information Governance (Inclusive of Counter Fraud)
  • CSTF Fire Safety
  • CSTF NHS Conflict Resolution (Inclusive of Complaints Handling + Lone Working)
  • CSTF Safeguarding Adults (Inclusive of Mental Health & Mental Capacity)
  • CSTF Moving & Handling (Level 1 and 2)
  • CSTF Resuscitation Level 1 (Inclusive of Anaphylaxis)
  • CSTF Resuscitation - Level 2 - Adult Basic Life Support
  • CSTF Resuscitation - Level 3 - Adult Immediate Life Support


  • CSTF Resuscitation - Level 2 - Paediatric Basic Life Support
  • CSTF Resuscitation - Level 3 - Paediatric Immediate Life Support
  • CSTF Resuscitation - Level 2 - New-born Basic Life Support
  • CSTF Resuscitation - Level 3 - New-born Immediate Life Support

*The OPTIONAL modules shown above are provided on the day at no extra cost. Some nursing staff will require these modules depending upon the nature of their work. Those delegates who do not need these modules may leave before these modules start

Free E-Learning Modules

When you have completed your booking, you will be given access to the following Elearning modules, free of charge. Please check your booking confirmation email for instructions on how to access them.

E-learning Modules (required every three years)

  • CSTF Health, Safety & Welfare
  • CSTF Equality, Diversity & Human Rights
  • CSTF Safeguarding Children Level 1 & 2
  • CSTF Preventing Radicalisation

E-learning Optional Modules (Role dependant - frequency varies)

  • CSTF Blood Component Transfusion
  • CSTF Safeguarding Children Level 3
  • HSG Food Hygiene
  • HSG Medication Awareness
  • HSG Physical Restraint Awareness
  • HSG Clinical Skills
  • CSTF Safeguarding Adults Level 3

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