Moving & Handling for Patient Handling Staff

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Delivery Method: Face-to-face

Appropriate for:All staff whose role involves handling patients/clients

CQC Fundamental Standards: Regulation 12: Safe care and treatment, Regulation 15: Premises and equipment


This 3 hour session aims to provide information and raise awareness about manual handling issues and to enable staff to put in practice principles of safe handling in their own working environment. Manual handling training is a mandatory requirement and all staff whose role includes patient handling should attend this course. 

To refresh and confirm the knowledge, understanding and skills required by the UK Core Skills Training Framework Statutory/Mandatory Subject Guide Version 1.0 (England) Moving and Handling – Level 2 and Virgin Care (Patient and Non-Patient) Moving and Handling Policy

Training Frequency: A maximum of 2 yearly or as often as required for staff involved in frequent people handling activities.

Learning outcomes:

  1. Recall and apply the legal requirements of employers and employees relevant to moving and handling
  2. Recall, apply and review the key elements of risk assessments and moving and handling plans
  3. Recognise and challenge unsafe handling techniques
  4. Respond safely and effectively to a falling or fallen patient
  5. Demonstrate an awareness of healthy movement patterns when moving and handling people and apply ergonomic principles to support musculoskeletal health
  6. Demonstrate safe, dignified approaches for moving and handling that promote patient independence and functional mobility
  7. Demonstrate a range of practical skills and the safe use of equipment relevant to the needs of the patients in your care, your job role and setting.

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