Personal Effectiveness In Healthcare

This one day course is suitable for anyone who wants to improve their effectiveness with other people. The course is aimed at developing assertiveness skills and confidence in overall communication skills.

Improving interpersonal skills will enable you to relate more effectively to others, sustain quality working relationships and achieve more with the time that you have. Time is a scare resource and therefore needs to be consciously managed. It cannot be wasted or channeled into activities that get us nowhere. However, it is not just the quantity of time that needs to be managed, it is also the quality.

Increasing personal effectiveness requires a set of dynamic skills and the practice of these skills will enable you to:

  • Learn more about yourself and how you affect others
  • Understand why people react the way they do
  • Better influence the results you get when interacting with others
  • Stand up for yourself and your ideas without offending
  • Positively change your own interpersonal skills and habits
  • Develop strategies for time allocation
  • Prioritise what matters most - urgent versus important
  • Improve the quality of your time

The course Includes:

  • Examining your current style and its impact on others
  • Improving self-esteem and confidence: yours and others
  • How to recognise, evaluate and eliminate self-defeating habits
  • Defining passive, aggressive and assertive behaviour
  • The relationship between power, assertiveness, self-esteem and image
  • Models of assertive communication
  • Influencing others to listen and take your ideas seriously
  • Recognising non-verbal cues and their impact
  • Building rapport to positively influence others
  • Managing relationships with managers and peers
  • Time management tools
  • Urgent versus important
  • Prioritising key tasks and activities
  • Investing time to save time
  • Personal organisation
  • The difference between efficiency and effectiveness
  • Strategies to handle procrastination and interruptions

This course is delivered by our training partner Xceed Training.

Group pricing

Prices listed are for individual employees. Please contact us for details of group prices.


Training takes place on the St James's University campus at various locations. Please contact Organisational Learning on 0113 20 66807 for confirmation of venue. Click here to directions to St James's University Hospital.

Dates available on arrangement

West Yorkshire & Harrogate Excellence centre can also create this course for you on arrangement either at your workplace or at one of their locations.

​For further course dates or to discuss a bespoke delivery in your workplace contact us or phone Tracy Harding on tel: 0113 20 64757​
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