Communicating Successfully

West Yorkshire & Harrogate Excellence Centre
Delivery Method: Face-to-face

This one day course is suitable for anyone seeking to improve their information gathering and rapport building skills to enhance their overall communication accuracy. The course is aimed at equipping you with the skills and knowledge required for successful communication skills.

Successful communication takes real skill. Listening is the performance of an action – hearing. How accurately we hear takes skill. When performed effectively, listening is highly rewarding: improving relationships, decision making and others’ views about you. How other people make sense of what you are saying comes from a combination of what and how you are communicating. Our body language has a huge role in conveying the messages that we intend. This course explores the knowledge, attitudes, and skills you need to become more effective in communication with others. You will:

  • Examine the listening process
  • Assess your listening strengths and needs
  • Develop effective listening techniques and strategies
  • Identify non supportive listening attitudes and behaviours
  • Understand the impact of your body language on others
  • How to project a positive image that creates confidence and respect by others

The course includes:

  • Identifying your preferred listening style
  • Hearing what others are not saying
  • Listening to difficult people
  • Examining misconceptions about listening
  • Increasing your concentration
  • Making the most of the speech/thought gap
  • Uncovering hidden/dangerous assumptions
  • ‘Listening to understand’ versus ‘listening to reply’
  • Recognising your “hot” buttons
  • Portraying self confidence
  • Speaking with feeling
  • Using the voice so the audience feel and hear the meaning
  • Speak with conviction and match your body language and expressions
  • Aligning verbal and non-verbal techniques to support the messages in a clear, logical and interesting way

Duration: 1 day (9am - 4.30pm)

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Brighouse Civic Hall:

Cedar Court Harrogate:

Dates available on arrangement

West Yorkshire & Harrogate Excellence Centre can also create this course for you on arrangement at one of their locations.

Please note there will be a charge for this course for non-members of the West Yorkshire and Harrogate Excellence Centre.
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