SAGE & THYME Communication Skills

This half day workshop is for anybody who works in health and social care. It is designed to give you the tools to carry out a level 1 psychological assessment and support to a distressed person.

SAGE & THYME is a model for training health and social care professionals in patient-focused support. The need to assess concerns and respond in a constructive and enabling way applies to many roles within health and social care. Members of staff who come into contact with service users and relatives (in person or by phone) need to understand the evidence and acquire the skills of listening and responding to concerns or distress in a constructive and enabling way.

The SAGE & THYME foundation level workshop reminds staff how to listen and respond in an empowering way which is based on research findings for effective communication skills. The workshop uses a mixture of small group work, lectures and rehearsals to teach participants how to have an evidence-based, structured conversation with someone who has concerns or is distressed.

By using SAGE & THYME as a mnemonic - it acts as an aid memoire for a structured conversation with a person who is distressed or with concerns. ‘SAGE’ gets the user into the conversation and ‘THYME’ gets them out.

This interactive workshop will enable you to:

  • Recognise psychological distress
  • Avoid causing psychological harm
  • Communicate honestly and compassionately
  • Know when reached boundary of competence

This course is delivered by Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.

Group pricing

Prices listed are for individual employees. Please contact us for details of group prices.


Training takes place on the St James's University campus at various locations. Please contact Organisational Learning on 0113 20 66807 for confirmation of venue. Click here to directions to St James's University Hospital.

Dates available on arrangement

West Yorkshire Excellence Centre can also create this course for you on arrangement either at your workplace or at one of their locations.

​For further course dates or to discuss a bespoke delivery in your workplace contact us or phone Tracy Harding on tel: 01
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