Signposting, Prioritisation and Communication Skills Programme

Delivery Method: e-Learning

This programme has been designed for GP Receptionists, Administration staff, Call Handling staff and other non clinical staff who are the first point of contact within healthcare organisations.

The role of the non clinical team is vital in ensuring that patients are directed to the right provider and, in turn, this directly impacts on the work load of the clinical team. They must have the skills to initially probe and gain the confidence and compliance of the caller to be able to then signpost correctly. However, the skills needed to do this are often lacking, with many Receptionists gaining a poor reputation with callers or adding to a clinical work load inappropriately when faced with antagonism or the freedom to ‘pass the call on’.


This E-learning programme uses a mixture of text, video and audio formats to engage the learner and keep them interested and stimulated whilst learning how a call should be handled, the importance of communication skills and customer care – even in healthcare.

Areas covered include the benefits and risks of telephone communications, the various stages of a call and the importance of engaging the caller immediately. The programme also demonstrates what kind of difficult behaviours may be encountered, along with strategies for dealing with difficult callers and some of the ‘best practice’ is when it comes to handling a call.

Estimated learning time – 2 hours


The programme will take approximately 2 hours to complete but can be picked up and restarted at any time. Once a licence has been purchased, the user can log in at any time and revisit the programme – they just need an internet connection.

Please note, it is one licence per user and therefore if you wish to have more than one person access the programme, you must buy the appropriate number of licences. If you are an administrator purchasing on behalf of someone else, please contact Telelearning first to let us know, as the licence will be sent to the buyer not the user. Discounts are available for multiple licenses, just contact us for more information.

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