Telephone Triage Consultancy Services

Delivery Method: Consultancy

Telelearning offer a range of consultancy services for telephone triage and consultation including:

Expert Witness

If you’re looking for an independant assessor or expert witness for an incident relating to telephone triage, Telelearning can act as an expert witness in court or to assess and report on telephone calls which have resulted in a serious incident.

Quality Audit

Telelearning can work with your organisation to develop bespoke audit services that will enable you to carry out an audit of your telephone triage or consultation work. Alternatively, we can carry out an audit on behalf of your organisation.

Setting Up Telephone Services

When setting up telephone consultation or advice lines for patients, many organisations are unaware of what’s required and how telephone interactions can be best used in their organisation. Telelearning are able to offer advice and assistance with setting up telephone and triage services. We know this area inside out and can help you to minimise the risks and get the most out of your new system.

Protocols For Nurses

Telelearning can provide training and information for nursing staff on developing and using protocols to ensure patients receive standardised assessment and information that is evidence based on specific ranges of conditions.

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