Cervical Sample Takers Update eLearning

Delivery Method: e-Learning

PDI Online is an online training initiative aimed at health professionals who require a cervical sample taker’s updates. It conforms to NHS Cancer Screening Programme standards 2006) and is updated at least every six months. You will not need leave the workplace to attend for your updates and CCGs and Trusts will benefit as they will not need to organise and fund training events, venues and refreshment costs.

The online training programme takes approximately two and a half hours to complete.

PDI is a guest member of the screening board meetings across Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and Wessex, so you can be assured that course information is current and relevant.

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What people say about the course:

"This course was very valuable to me and it's difficult to see where any improvement could be made. Far better than group meetings in far flung places where actually (sic) proof of learning is not required before receiving a certificate"

What people say PDI:

Dr Garth Manning FRCGP - Director, RCGP International Development Programmes

"Mary worked for me in Bosnia and Herzegovina. . . did some sterling work at developing and enhancing the role of nurses in that country"

Jayne Stewart - Screening Manager, North,East,West Devon CCG

PDI. . . it has consistently delivered a reliable and highly professional service. . . attention to the quality of the training delivered, and updates its training programmes in response to the development of quality standards'. . . participant feedback to be consistently positive.

Dr Alison Mackenzi - Southern /Plymouth CCG Screening Commissioner.

Mary has consistently delivered high quality training which is well evaluated by clinical colleagues. Mary has also contributed to the development of local strategies and policies.'

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