Autism, sport and physical activity

The National Autistic Society
Delivery Method: eLearning

Autism, sport and physical activity

Autism, sport and physical activity

The module provides a comprehensive introduction to the autism spectrum focusing on the delivery of sport.

Developed as part of the Active for autism project, this online module has been created by people who are on the autism spectrum and represents the 'autistic voice'.

Recognising and understanding the key areas of difficulty experienced by both the participants and the session leaders is vital to providing effective support.

By the end of this module you should be able to:

  • describe in basic terms what is meant by autism
  • understand common difficulties faced by autistic people
  • identify factors that can impact on how sport and physical activity is delivered and coached
  • identify factors that can impact on an autistic person’s experience of sport and physical activity
  • recognise and respond to the needs autistic people have while engaging in sport and physical activity environments.

The module should take between 40-90 minutes to complete and has a range of interactive features, including:

  • pre- and post-course assessments
  • short film clips
  • exercises and scenario-based learning
  • reflective activities
  • printable information sheets
  • top tips to take away
  • further links and references.

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