Correspondence management by clerical staff

Delivery Method: Face-to-face

Ararna offer bespoke training on correspondence management for clerical and receptionist staff. This course is tailored to your needs and to suit the requirements of the training for reception and clerical staff programme as part of the General Practice Forward View.

Why correspondence management training

Correspondence management training for receptionists and clerical staff can free up valuable time for GPs, with the General Practice Forward View guidelines estimating that up to 90% of letters can be processed without GP involvement, thus freeing up 40 minutes of GP time per day.

This has a knock-on effect on patient care with quicker response times and more accurate results recording.

Bespoke training

Our training is bespoke to your CEPN, CCG or General Practice, we apply the guidelines from the General Practice Forward view and modify them to your particular needs.

  • Filing, data entry and adjusting patient records
  • Triage of GP communications - when to send letters on to a GP
  • Urgency assessment
  • Help setting up practice systems and staff guidelines

We have worked with many organisations in primary care, on communication campaigns such as the Flu Vaccination. Correspondence management may focus on management of letters or outbound communications such as marketing campaigns.

Our Experience

Ararna has a wealth of experience in developing a wide range of training and development courses and programmes for a variety of clients. Since 2000 we have developed and delivered in-house training services to both private and public sector organisations including a significant number of NHS bodies. Expert trainers will work with you to tailor the training programmes to your operational, commercial and cultural requirements.

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