An evidence-based approach to intramuscular injection technique

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Intramuscular injections require a thorough and meticulous approach to patient assessment and injection technique. This article, the second in a series of two, reviews the evidence base to inform safer practice and to consider the evidence for nursing practice in this area. A framework for safe practice is included, identifying important points for safe technique, patient care and clinical decision making. It also highlights the ongoing debate in selection of intramuscular injection sites, predominately the ventrogluteal and dorsogluteal muscles.

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Course attendee (October 2016)
Very well-balanced module. It provided me with a good update and prompted me to revise some anatomy and physiology.
Course attendee (December 2016)
I gained a renewed confidence in the way I give intramuscular injection, for example, knowing the right injection sites, the right technique, the correct needles to use, and how to make it less painful.
Course attendee (October 2016)
I found the module informative and concise and it referenced recent literature.
The course gave me the evidence base for choosing injection sites and how they can affect the patient experience.
Course attendee (October 2016)
Very informative about the different sites that can be used and the reasons certain sites are preferred for particular drugs.

The course was the correct length for busy nurses.

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