Improving compliance with hand hygiene practices

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Delivery Method: e-Learning

Healthcare-associated infections (HCAIs) continue to be a challenge in developed and developing countries. Hand hygiene practice is considered to be the most effective strategy to prevent HCAIs, but healthcare workers' compliance is poor. Using a human factors perspective, this learning module explores elements that affect healthcare workers' hand hygiene compliance. Slips, lapses and mistakes can occur depending on the worker's skills and knowledge levels. Violations of protocols may also occur, and these may be associated with the intention to provide care efficiently. Strong leadership and an understanding of why non-compliance with hand hygiene occurs assists with developing strategies to improve compliance.

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Course attendee (October 2016)
Good effective course that made me consider my working practice and the importance of being clinically thorough. It has made me much more aware of the process of hand hygiene and how complacent I have become.
Course attendee (August 2016)
Even after doing the course on hand hygiene I still got two answers wrong! The course made me realise that you may think you know all the facts but there is always room for improvement and updates are necessary.
Course attendee (September 2016)
Enlightening, knowledgeable and relevant to any professional role.
Course attendee (November 2016)
It was a brilliant course and highlighted various issues I never knew existed.

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