Administration of Medication for HCSWs

It is important that Health Care Assistants have an understanding of how the drugs they administer work, are absorbed and are excreted by the body. The aim of this busy day is to provide a good general foundation for nurses, support workers and carers. Candidates should then be motivated to study specific drug groups further.

Course Content:

  • The language of pharmacology
  • Benefits and hazards of medicines
  • Concordance & Compliance of Medications
  • Absorption - drugs & plasma levels
  • Pharmacology - effects of drugs on body systems
  • Adverse Effects - side-effects of drugs on body systems
  • Clearance & Metabolism - effects of the body on drugs
  • Questions and answers
  • Professional responsibility Record keeping


  • To enable the participants to gain basic understanding of:
  • Legal and professional responsibilities associated with administering medication
  • What drugs do to the body
  • What the body does to the drugs
  • How drugs get in and out of the body
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