Buccal Midazolam Administration and Seizure Management


This Seizure Management and Epilepsy Rescue Medication training course is aimed at staff responsible for the care of individuals with epilepsy and in particular the handling of the associated rescue medication.

Seizure Management and Epilepsy Rescue Medication Course Summary:

  • What is epilepsy
  • Various types of seizures
  • Classification and management of seizures
  • Ethical and legal responsibilities
  • Recognising triggers and precipitants
  • Person centred care
  • Documentation and record keeping
  • The impact of rescue medication and anti-epilepsy drug therapy
  • Buccal Midazolam: what is it, uses in epilepsy, side effects
  • Rectal Diazepam: uses in epilepsy, side effects, administration (if applicable)
  • Emergency care plan and when to call an ambulance
  • Risk assessment/promotion of safeguarding and dignity
  • Epilepsy medication demonstration
  • CPR (we recommend all staff administering buccal midazolam have some form of first aid training, however this is optional)

All our Epilepsy training courses comply with Joint Epilepsy Council training guidelines and standards for Rescue Medication.

Learning Outcomes

After this training course delegates will be able to:

  1. Define epilepsy
  2. List the causes and triggers of epilepsy and seizures
  3. Explain diagnosis and management of epilepsy
  4. Classification seizure presentation
  5. Describe the seizure first aid principles
  6. Explain the types of rescue medication currently available
  7. Outline the uses, benefits and risks of an applicable rescue medication
  8. Discuss the importance of accurate record keeping, care planning, seizure response plan and defensible documentation
  9. Follow a seizure management response plan
  10. Demonstrate the administration of an applicable rescue medication in a simulated classroom
  11. Explain the after care principles and when to seek medical help
  12. Outline legal, professional and ethical issues relevant


Our course duration is dependent upon what elements are required to be included. Should you require more than one type of rescue medication including then the duration will increase, here is our duration guide:

  • Seizure Management and the Administration of Buccal Midazolam - 3 hours
  • Seizure Management and the Administration of Buccal Midazolam and Rectal Diazepam - 4.5 hours
  • Seizure Management and the Administration of Buccal Midazolam, Rectal Diazepam and Rectal Paraldehyde - 6 hours

If you require any advice as to what Epilepsy training option will meet your unique organisational or patient / service user requirements then please contact us for our expert recommendations. Guardian Angels Training will provide the necessary competency proformas required to ensure safe and evidenced-based clinical practice following completion of our training courses. This will then allow the Registered Provider to ensure mandatory competency assessments are completed within the workplace by a nominated mentor/supervisor.


Delegates will be issued with certificates of compliance valid for a period of 2 year. Nurses can evidence the total number of hours as participatory learning for their NMC Revalidation.

Please note...

This training course is only available to employers (NHS Trusts, CCG's, Care Providers, Independent Hospitals) that are able to provide onsite training facilities for groups of 4 - 12 delegates per training session.

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