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Delivery Method: Face-to-face

Oral Suction Training for Carers | Yankauer Suctioning

Oral suction training for carers and nurses

Guardian Angels offer comprehensive oral suction training for carers, health workers and nurses, providing the essential basis for ongoing in-work competency assessment and evaluation.

Because we understand that every organisation’s needs vary, we can tailor the course to suit your individual requirements, with suction training options including:

  • Oral suction with catheter
  • Yankauer suctioning
  • Nasal suctioning
  • Tracheostomy suctioning

Using both practical and theoretical training methods, attending delegates will learn how to undertake oral suctioning safely and effectively, while also gaining an in-depth understanding of application, risks and the legal landscape surrounding this procedure.

Nurses, health and care workers are required to carry out oral suctioning for patients and service users who require assistance to clear phlegm secretions from the airways when unable to do so themselves. This can be due to weakness, fatigue, large volume or thick secretions or the lack of force required to cough their airways clear.

It can be necessary to increase blood oxygen levels, subsequently improving breathing and activity levels.

What does our yankaeur suctioning and oral suction training cover?

Our qualified nurse, doctor and paramedic trainers will guide you through the complete oral suctioning process.

The course syllabus for oral suction training includes the following, but can be adapted to cover tracheostomy and nasal suctioning guidance and activities where required.

  • Oral suctioning – what is it?
  • When is oral suctioning indicated?
  • Contraindications
  • Adverse effects
  • Anatomy and physiology of the upper airway
  • Checks required prior to suctioning
  • Application of oral suctioning
  • Areas to monitor post-treatment
  • Disposal and cleaning of used equipment
  • Documentation and reporting
  • Dealing with faulty equipment

Course duration

Our Yankauer and Oral Suction Training is completed in one day, over a 3 hour session.

Assessment and certification

The course process consists of continual assessment by the course tutor, case studies, practical scenarios, OSCE's and workbook completion.

Following the course, delegates are required to receive appropriate mentor supervision in order to support their learning and its practical application in the workplace. We provide all necessary competency proformas required to ensure safe and evidenced-based clinical practice, allowing the registered provider to ensure mandatory assessments are completed correctly.

If you need further advice, or if you’d like our registered nurse trainers to provide onsite competency assessments for your organisation, please feel free to get in touch.

Upon successful completion of your nasal, tracheostomy, yankauer or oral suction training course, you’ll receive a certificate valid for 2 years from issue.

Please note: our biohazard and spill kit training course is only available to employers such as...

  • NHS Trusts
  • CCGs
  • Care providers
  • Independent hospitals

...that can provide training facilities onsite for groups of 4 - 12 delegates per training session.

To learn more about oral suction training or any of our related courses, please contact our friendly team.

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