Managing Blood and Body Fluid Spillages

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Biohazard training – managing blood and body fluid spills

Here at Guardian Angels, it’s our job to provide healthcare workers and other professionals with the knowledge, skills and support to ensure that they can manage a variety of medical and care requirements – our biohazard training is an essential course for those working in environments where blood or body fluid spills are at risk of occurring, such as:

  • Nursing homes
  • Care homes
  • Prisons
  • Young offender institutions

Any blood or body fluid spill – such as vomit, faeces and urine – must be cleaned and the area decontaminated in order to contain any potential spread of infections and viruses. Healthcare professionals must be fully aware of the risks, and how to manage blood and other biohazard spills efficiently and effectively.

In order to provide comprehensive instruction, our biohazard training course also includes spill kit training too. Healthcare organisations should always have spill kits on the premises, ensuring you have the correct tools to minimise the chance of cross-infection and contamination.

What does our biohazard and spill kit training course cover?

The biohazard training course will prepare delegates to deal and manage blood or body fluid spillages in the workplace.

Delegates will learn about infection prevention and control, best practice guidelines and how to correctly use a spillage kit. The course covers:

  • Biohazards – what are they?
  • Legislation and regulations
  • Risk assessments
  • Biohazards within the workplace
  • Spill kit training
  • Effective decontamination
  • Safe disposal of blood and body fluids
  • Surveillance and audit
  • Practical demonstrations
  • Summary and evaluation

Course duration

Our blood and body fluid biohazard and spill kit training course is completed in one day, over a 6 hour session.

Assessment and certification

The course process consists of continual assessment by the course tutor, case studies, practical scenarios, OSCE's and workbook completion. The practical activities will give delegates the opportunity to apply their new skills to the safe and effective management of body fluid spills and biohazard incidents within a controlled environment.

Following the course, delegates are required to receive appropriate mentor supervision in order to support their learning and its practical application in the workplace.

Guardian Angels Training will provide the necessary competency proformas required to ensure safe and evidenced-based clinical practice, allowing the registered provider to ensure mandatory competency assessments are completed correctly.

If you need further advice regarding competency assessments or if you would like our registered nurse trainers to provide onsite competency assessments, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Upon successful completion of the biohazard training course, you’ll receive a certificate valid for 2 years from issue.

Please note: our biohazard and spill kit training course is only available to employers such as...

  • NHS Trusts
  • CCGs
  • Care providers
  • Independent hospitals

...that can provide training facilities onsite for groups of 4 - 12 delegates per training session.

To learn more about biohazard training, please feel free to get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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