CACHE Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Autism

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Delivery Method: Blended

NCFE Level 2
Understanding Autism

Fully Funded - Your staff could be eligible for full funding on this course. This course is only funded in England. Call 01132 251 244 to discuss eligibility or register your interest

In the UK today, around 700,000 people have autistic conditions. These conditions have varying effects upon individuals. This qualification will allow employees to have an understanding of the different spectrum of autistic conditions and how they can affect people in a variety of ways and will ensure employees understand how to use appropriate communication skills and positive behaviour to encourage individuals with autistic spectrum conditions to live fulfilling and independent lives.

Benefits for the business:

  • Upskill staff members
  • Increase teamwork and morale as staff become more aware, gain confidence and support colleagues
  • The course offer can be used as a staff benefit or as part of a development scheme
  • Increase employee’s knowledge base.

Benefits for the employees:

  • Gain a nationally recognised qualification
  • Enhance both personal skills and professional development
  • Courses are delivered as distance learning, allowing learners to choose when and where to study
  • Personal tutors are assigned to ensure learners have the support needed.
  • Unit 1: Introduction to autism
  • This unit will provide employees with an introduction to autism, covering what is meant by ‘autism’, theories and diagnosis. Employees will also look at common misconceptions associated with autism and conditions that can co-occur with autism.
  • Unit 2: Using a person-centred approach to support individuals with autism
  • This unit covers using a person-centred approach to support individuals with autism, incorporating the preferences and needs of the individual. Employees will also look at legislation and guidance, and the support networks available to individuals and their families.
  • Unit 3: Communication and social interaction in individuals with autism
  • This unit covers the potential delays and difficulties in speech, language, and social development sometimes faced by individuals with autism. It also covers methods and strategies that could be used when communication with an individual with autism.
  • Unit 4: Sensory processing, perception and cognition in individuals with autism
  • In this unit, employees will gain an understanding of sensory processing, perception and cognition in individuals with autism- including looking at hypersensitivity and hyposensitivity. Employees will also consider how to support the sensory needs of individuals with autism.
  • Unit 5: Supporting positive behaviour in individuals with autism
  • Through this unit learners will understand individual’s behaviours in the context of autism. Employees will also look at how to support positive behaviour and help individuals to develop coping strategies.
  • Unit 6: Supporting individuals with autism to live healthy and fulfilled lives
  • This unit covers how to support individuals through transitions and life events, how to maintain their personal safety, and how to access services, facilities and employment opportunities. Employees will also gain an understanding of what it’s like for an individual to live with autism.
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