CACHE Level 2 Certificate in Dignity and Safeguarding in Adult Health and Social Care

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Delivery Method: Blended

NCFE Level 2
Dignity and Safeguarding

Fully Funded - Your staff could be eligible for full funding on this course. This course is only funded in England. Call 01132 251 244 to discuss eligibility or register your interest

In 2013, a total of 176,000 safeguarding alerts were reported to councils with adult social services responsibilities. One third of these cases involved physical abuse or neglect, making this the most common cause of safeguarding alerts.

As this is an important issue within the health care sector, this course is ideal for those currently working in the adult health and social care sector, as they can develop and improve their knowledge in this area.

Benefits for the business:

  • Upskill staff members
  • Increase teamwork and morale as staff become more aware of how to communicate effectively and support colleagues
  • The course offer can be used as a staff benefit or as part of a development scheme
  • Increase the health, safety and security in the workplace as the course covers this.

Benefits for the employees:

  • Gain a nationally recognised qualification
  • Enhance both personal skills and professional development
  • Courses are delivered as distance learning
  • Personal tutors are assigned to ensure learners have the support needed.
  • This course is split into manageable units. These are:
  • Unit 1: Understanding safeguarding in adult health and social care
  • This unit introduces the national and local contexts of safeguarding and protection from abuse, and learners will look at recognising abuse and harm, and responding to possible cases of abuse or harm occurring within a health and social care setting.
  • Unit 2: Principles of dignity in adult health and social care practices
  • Learners will focus on dignity, self-worth and well-being, and how they can be promoted through health and social care practice, considering how the individual patient is impacted by health and social care services and how principles of dignity can be applied.
  • Unit 3: Understand duty of care in adult health and social care
  • This unit explores the meaning of duty of care, along with how it influences health and social care practice. Learners will develop knowledge on the dilemmas and conflicts relating to duty of care and the support and advice available for resolving dilemmas.
  • Unit 4: Understand dilemmas and public concerns in adult health and social care
  • Within this unit, learners will develop an understanding of the various dilemmas that can occur in adult health and social care, including ways of recognising dilemmas, how to resolve them and the support available when dealing with dilemmas.
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