The best assessor’s guide: second edition (apprenticeships)

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The second edition of this best-selling handbook is for everyone with responsibility for vocational assessment, whether new to the role, an experienced assessor or responsible for training assessors. Completely revised and updated to reflect recent changes in assessment practice, this guide explains the role of the assessor in apprenticeships (England), how to approach the different stages of assessment, and how to prepare learners for vocational qualifications.

The guide contains help with:

  • Principles of assessment: the different types of assessment; the different roles of the assessor; becoming and assessor
  • Assessing standards and qualifications: who’s who; qualifications frameworks;
  • Planning and carrying out assessment: principles; reaching a robust decision; recording
  • Legal implications
  • Improving assessment practice
  • The assessment methods: observation; professional discussion (including panel interviews and vivas); work products (showcases); using others (witness testimony); projects and assignments; simulations, realistic work environments and testing.

"…an excellent resource as it presents information in a current and structured format that is easy to follow. The methods of presentation appeal to a range of learning styles. I particularly like the activities…and the sub-headings provide neat, bite-size portions of learning…an invaluable point of reference." - Gillian Edwards, assessor trainer.

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