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The impact on some of the worst-performing care homes, with more than a quarter of those rated ‘inadequate’ or ‘requires improvement’ found to be lacking when it comes to providing training on the Dementia and behaviour.

Often we look at behaviour as a challenge rather than look at the cause of the distress, establishing why someone is distressed will help us formulate the correct response in reducing the distress the person may have. Like any good detective you are gathering the facts, assessing the information, evaluating the evidence and planning your response. You can ask some key questions to ascertain the cause of the behaviour.

Suggested questions you could ask as the detective are.

  • Is this a new behaviour?
  • Does the behaviour pose danger for the resident or others?
  • Whom is it really a problem for? (Resident? Staff? Family?)
  • Look at each behaviour as a separate challenge.
  • When did the behaviour start?
  • Is the behaviour an expression of other illness?

Your staff will be able to recognise cues and triggers, also be able to assess the situation and ask some non exhaustive questions like,

Your staff will also be able to plan effective strategies to reduce the cues and triggers and develop skills in using validation, distraction, reassurance, and other comfort measures.


The Dementia and distress behaviours training course is accredited level 2 with Advantage accreditation.

Course Length

3 Hours


This training course is available as in-house training at a venue of your own choice throughout the UK.

Attendees minimum 6 to maximum 15


All delegates will receive an Advantage Accredited certificate.

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Sarah Worsley (January 2018)
The course was very interesting it pointed out things that we do every day and how to put them into use to help the clients i do feel this course will help us greatly in helping our clients feel safer and secure in their home
Response from Endeavour Care Training
Thank you Sarah I hope you are able to use your experience in supporting your service users.

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