Building resilience in young people

Using evidence based interventions that are easily applied and taught, this course identifies strategies and insights that help strengthen resilience skills in young people. Explore self-help tools to develop growth mindsets, nourish inner reserves, strengthen support, recover from setbacks and build resilient responses to difficult situations.

Course aims:

  • To increase understanding of how learnable skills, strategies and insights can strengthen resilience in young people (and ourselves). The course focuses on evidence-based interventions and self-help tools that are easily applied and taught.
  • To increase participants’ familiarity with resilience insights, interventions and self-help practices they can use themselves and pass on to the young people they work with.

Course objectives:

By the end of the course participants will have had opportunities to:

  • Be aware of the evidence base showing that resilience training reduces the risk of depression and anxiety in young people
  • Recognise how growth mindsets can help recovery from setbacks
  • Explore methods for drawing out strengths in themselves and/or clients
  • Become more familiar with practical strategies for problem solving, recovering from setbacks, dealing with distress and improving relationships.

Maximum group size: 16 people

Target audience:

This course is designed for staff working with young people and wanting to strengthen self-help resilience skills in their clients.

Competences: NHS KSF HWB1

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27th Sep 2018 (09:30)
Easton Business Centre, Felix Road, Bristol, BS5 0HE
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