CBT based relapse prevention

The Training Exchange
Delivery Method: Face-to-face

This is a 2 day in-house course (we come to you).

Available for individual staff members on our open programme in Bristol (you come to us) and as a 1 day in-house course (we come to you).

Also currently available (online for teams).

Training will be delivered face-to-face with Covid-safety measures and clear guidance in place.

If for any reason the course cannot be delivered face-to-face, we will take a flexible and responsive approach to keep people learning by delivering the training on the same day as a live interactive online session or transferring bookings to the next available dates.

Course overview

Develop and practise the skills to support people in sustaining effective change. Learn how to help clients assess their unique risk profile and tailor cognitive behaviour approaches to address their specific vulnerabilities to relapse.

The course introduces participants to skills to support people in confronting high risk situations. The programme also explores key issues in relapse, such as abstinence versus controlled use, gender and age specific issues and extra-therapeutic factors.

Course aims

The course will offer participants a chance to explore, understand and practice key skills in addressing the risk of relapse into substance misuse using models and techniques based on social learning theory

Course objectives

By the end of the course participants will have had opportunities to:

  • Explain the social learning model of relapse
  • Practise key skills to support clients in the early stages of recovery
  • Assess the critical risk factors for individual clients
  • Assist clients to develop self-belief in sustaining change
  • Rehearse strategies to help lapsed clients get back on track

Maximum group size: 16 people

Competences: DANOS AB2.2012, AI1.2012, A12.2012

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