Wound Management - Tissue Viability

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Delivery Method: Face-to-face

Who’s teaching the course?

This course is being delivered by one of our leading Tissue Viability Nurse Specialists, who has many years of experience in the subject and is a well respected expert in Tissue Viability.

What is covered during the day?
Delegates will achieve a better understanding of the factors that affect wound healing rates. They will revisit the anatomy and physiology of the skin and will have a greater understanding of wound care products; how, why, when, where and what to use and when products are contraindicated. Delegates are advised to adhere to the local wound formulary (if there is one in place) and our tutors will explain generically what each category of dressing does and when it should or should not be used. The training course should enable the delegate to manage the majority of chronic and new minor wounds competently in order to promote healing rates.

Why is this course being held?
As Pressure Damage can be prevented, it is often seen as a Safeguarding issue, when pressure damage occurs in a care setting. In the eyes of the law, this is often classified as ‘wilful neglect’ and can lead to further investigation. This course gives staff the skills needed to deal with the majority of wounds they will come across.

Delegates will be assessed continuously throughout the session by the Tutor in order to be issued with a Certificate of Attendance

Dates available on arrangement

Ashfield Services can also create this course for you on arrangement either at your workplace or at one of their locations.

Please call 0800 012 6085 if you have a larger group of staff requiring this training and would like to discuss available options for In House.
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