Malaria Matters

Jane Chiodini - Travel Health Specialist Nurse
Delivery Method: eLearning

MALARIA MATTERS is an e-learning course based on the Public Health England document - Guidelines for Malaria prevention in travellers from the UK 2019 which were published in December 2019. Malaria prevention is an integral part of a travel health consultation.

The ‘Malaria Matters’ content was written by Jane Chiodini, a travel health specialist nurse working in the UK.

Who is it suitable for?

Any healthcare professional who is interested in developing a good working knowledge especially wishing to improve their knowledge on malaria prevention care when advising travellers.

How long does it take to complete?

Malaria Matters could take up to six hours to complete. You can log on to the course and log out after saving the work you’ve undertaken, as often as you like, but once you’ve enrolled the course will only be active for 14 days

How much does it cost?

Malaria Matters is available free of charge. However, the number of people who can access it on the learning platform each month is limited, so it would be greatly appreciated if you only enrolled to undertake the work if you have every intention to complete the studying. Go to to learn more.

Please note, this course is free of charge to NHS employees including NHS GP practice nurses. Private companies need to contact me to discuss use of the course for their workers. Usually a charitable donation to ‘Malaria No More’ would be requested in this situation.

How is the course organised?

There are five learning modules – the whole course is divided into seven sections. There are assessments along the way designed to check your knowledge. A short final end of course test leads to a certificate of completion if you pass. The programme is set so that you have to progress through the learning in strict order of the course. There are many interactive features in this learning, including an animation film of the malaria lifecycle, a video of a travel consultation and some interactive case studies.

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