Your Role - Video CPD accredited

This video ‘Your Role’ course will deliver key knowledge to healthcare workers and help them understand their role.

Learning Outcomes

• Main duties and responsibilities

• Standards and Codes of Conduct

• Working conditions

• Agreed ways of working

• Dealing with conflict

Upon completion of each module you will be required to complete an online assessment. If you pass the assessment the system will automatically allow you to print or save a copy of your accredited certificate. If you fail the exams you can always resit.

We have over 100 accredited online courses in all fields. If you can’t find out what you are looking for just email us with your request and we will be more than happy to assist you. The online nature of the courses means that they are reasonably priced compared to classroom learning but this doesn’t compromise on the quality and standards of our accredited courses. You have 12 months upon signing in on a course to complete it. Our accredited online courses are accessible to everyone.

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