General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – Practitioner Training

This comprehensive online training course is focused on assisting learners to undertake the role of data protection officer (or equivalent practitioner role) under the GDPR, which comes into force in May 2018.

The aim of this GDPR training course is to help you ensure that as the person who has overall responsibility for data protection within your organisation, you have the required knowledge for to help your organisation towards full GDPR compliance.

The course comprises ten modules:

  • Introduction and Background
  • Definitions, Principles and the Law
  • The Accountability Principle
  • Individual Rights
  • Consent
  • Information (Privacy) Notices
  • Breach Management and Notification
  • Sanctions, Remedies and Liabilities
  • Steps to Compliance
  • Supply Chain Management


This data protection training course has been designed for anyone who has responsibility for ensuring their organisation’s data protection compliance in line with the GDPR.

This could be the Data Protection Officer (DPO), a project lead, a data owner and/or technologist involved in designing and managing compliant data management systems.

As our most in-depth GDPR course, this is ideal for any person who is fully responsible for compliance with data protection legislation in their organisation; it’s one of four GDPR training options which we have tailored for personal data-handling organisations in any situation.

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