Vaccination and Immunisation

Vaccination & immunisation is a vital part of any health system in the world. Since they were developed, vaccinations have saved countless numbers of lives by strengthen our immune system to fight and defeat a wide spectrum of fatal diseases.

Vaccinations cover a fatal diseases and conditions in all age groups. This two days course is designed to provide you with all what you need to practice vaccination and immunization professionally.

The course is designed of two parts in two days to guarantee a comprehensive training.

The first day, is structured to provide you with the basic and very vital theoretical background about the different vaccines and the diseases they fight. Such knowledge is essential for safe and efficient practice.

In the second day, you will have an extensive practical training on the right techniques of giving vaccines under expert observation.

The two parts of the training will be given by our trained experts to make sure that you gained the best knowledge and skills.

This course were designed based on the NHS guidelines to meet the rules and conditions in action in the UK.


The course is consisted of two NOT-successive days and will include the following:

1. The first day - Part 1 a theoretical background covering the following subjects:

Vaccinations, short history.

The NHS Schedule of vaccinations and the national policy.

Legal aspects of vaccinations.

Handling & storage of vaccines.

How does vaccines work? What are their contents? And our immune system.

The preventable diseases targeted by vaccines.

Administration of vaccines (overview).

Side effects of vaccines (anaphylaxis and others).

Myths about vaccines.

The risk/benefit weighting.

The available vaccines (Ingredients, indications, contra-indications, administration and side effects).

2. The second day - Part 2:

Practical training on the right techniques of vaccines administration.

Course exam: an exam on the theoretical and practical skills is necessary to pass the course.

Dates available on arrangement

Centre for Medical Sciences & Research Ltd can also create this course for you on arrangement either at your workplace or at one of their locations.

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