Understanding Asthma for HCA's

A study day designed for HCAs who are working in a supportive role in primary care, offering care for patients with asthma. This day provides an overview of how asthma is diagnosed and managed and includes a practical inhaler delivery systems workshop.

Anatomy and Physiology of the lungs

What is asthma?

How is asthma diagnosed?

Peak flow and spirometry

Treatment of asthma

Inhaler delivery systems workshop

Management of asthma and asthma action plans

  • Understand the anatomy and physiology of healthy lungs
  • Understand the changes that occur in asthma and the associated symptoms
  • Understand the importance performing accurate pulmonary function tests
  • Awareness of the different treatment options for patients with asthma
  • Awareness of the various inhaler delivery systems and enable appropriate device choice for individual patients
  • Ability to assess inhaler technique for a wide range of inhaler devices with individual patients
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Bookable Dates

23rd Mar 2018 (09:15)
Central Locations, London, NW1
10/20 places left
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4th May 2018 (09:15)
Central Locations, Manchester, M1
10/20 places left
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18th May 2018 (09:15)
Central Locations, Birmingham, B1
10/20 places left
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