COSHH - Level 2 - Online Training Course - UK CPD Accredited

The Mandatory Training Group
Delivery Method: e-Learning

What is covered in this COSHH online training course?

The COSHH e-learning course covers the following:

  • An introduction to COSHH, including:
    • What is a substance hazardous to health and where do they exist?
    • Common hazardous substances
    • How substances result in ill-health
    • Health and Safety Executive statistics and benefits of COSHH
  • COSHH Legal Regulations including:
    • The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002
    • The CLP regulations
    • ACoPs and guidance notes
    • Enforcement of health and safety law
    • Employer and employee responsibilities
  • Problems that result from hazardous substances
    • Common health hazards
    • The occupations most at risk
    • COSHH routes of entry
    • Common health problems including dermatitis, asthma
    • What to do if you develop symptoms
    • Reporting Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations (RIDDOR)
  • Identifying hazardous substances
    • Requirements for chemical labelling
    • Safety data sheets
    • Safe use of flammable substances, liquids, dusts and gases
    • Asthma-causing substances
    • Asbestos and lead
  • COSHH risk assessment and control measures
    • Identifying the COSHH hazards
    • Deciding who might be harmed and how
    • Evaluating the COSHH risks
    • Substance substitution
    • Principles of good control practice
    • Hierarchy of control measures
    • Work processes and equipment
    • Personal protective equipment
    • Safe systems of work
    • The provision for emergencies and first aid
  • Monitoring the assessment and health surveillance
    • Recording findings
    • Reviewing and updating the assessment
    • Monitoring the assessment
    • Health surveillance
    • Workplace Exposure Limits (WELS)
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