Online Medication Competence Assessment - Virtual Medicines Round

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Delivery Method: eLearning

The "Virtual Medicines Round" online module fulfills the need from CQC and NICE for staff to have an annual update of the skills and knowledge required to administer medicines. It tests the competence to select the correct medicine.

Medicines administration soon becomes a routine repetitive task, and complacency can occur. Staff soon learn which where a person's medicines are located and what the pack looks like. They select the medicines on this basis and skim read the label, without checking it properly against the medicines chart.

When doses change, or they pick up the wrong medicines (with a similar looking container) mistakes can occur.

The Virtual Medicines Round online module presents the learner with a number of medicines and their corresponding entry on the medicines chart. The learner is asked if they would administer this medicine. They either click yes, or select one of many reasons why not (for example, wrong client, wrong drug, wrong strength etc.).

Certification is for one year.

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