Pathophysiology and Diagnostic Reasoning for Advancing Practice

University of the West of England, Bristol
Delivery Method: Face-to-face

To apply for this course you must be a registered professional in a position of Advanced Practice or aspiring to such a position.

This course is offered at Masters level and is delivered at our Glenside Campus.

Course content includes:

  • An introduction to the mechanisms of disease and general pathophysiological processes related to clinical examples:
    • cell biology
    • cell growth and its disorders including neoplasia
    • inflammationincluding atheroma
    • infection
    • immunology/immunopathology
    • thrombosis/thrombolysis
    • shock
    • genetic contribution to disease
  • Principles of interpretation of diagnostic tests and referral systems:
    • Range of diagnostic investigations and relevance to practice.
  • Autonomous decision making:
    • Use of tools for effective diagnostic reasoning
    • Use of frameworks for diagnostic reasoning
    • Risk assessment
    • Working with and developing new protocols
    • Requesting and interpreting radiographs.
  • Resource management:
    • Context of diagnostic reasoning
    • Evidence based practice
    • Clinical Governance Protocol development
    • Law and ethics
    • Informed consent Legal frameworks.
  • Essential principles of biochemical, haematological, microbiological, radiological and immunological testing including sensitivity and specificity.


Study time will include 48 contact hours. These will take the form of lectures, group activities, case study, and on-line activities.

Please note: Priority will be given to applications received through our funded educational contracts. Places on this module will be limited for applications received outside of this funding. Please check with your employer as a funded contract place may still be available to support your learning.

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