Contemporary Leadership in Rehabilitation

University of the West of England, Bristol
Delivery Method: Distance

This course is offered at Masters level.

Course content includes:

  • Context of leadership:
    • Contemporary leadership styles and thinking
    • Local and national drivers for leadership and change
    • Aligning your leadership and change initiatives with contemporary agendas and priorities
    • Challenges of leadership in healthcare
    • Current national and local toolkits and resources for leadership and change.
  • You as a leader:
    • Leadership style, strengths and weaknesses
    • Self-development, resilience, support of self and others as a leader
    • What does successful leadership mean to you?
    • Sustainable leadership - understanding leadership agendas and priorities and what is achievable and most worthy of time and resource investment
    • Identifying your future specific leadership learning/CPD priorities.
  • Leadership in practice - key principles:
    • Identifying leadership challenges within your context
    • How to increase the chance of success in a change initiative
    • Designing and implementing a change innovation or service improvement
    • Writing a business case and getting support within your organisation
    • Change models - e.g. PDSA (plan, do, study, act), NHS change model
    • Demonstration of outcomes and reflection on self in leadership role.

Course content will be informed by current evidence and drivers in relation to leadership and change in healthcare and rehabilitation.


The course is delivered via 3 online lectures as video capture. Contact hours (typically up to 4) will be scheduled during the course for tutor support (typically up to 2 hours) and time-bound online group discussion. Podcasts/webinars/video conferencing are used to explore your progress, give formative tutor and peer feedback and to help you prepare for the assessment requirements.

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