Paediatric Imaging - Suspected Physical Injury

University of the West of England, Bristol
Delivery Method: Distance

To apply for this course you must be a HCPC Registered Radiographer working in paediatrics on a regular basis (to be determined with the module leader).

The course is offered at Masters level.

Course content includes:

  • Clinical Protocols:
    • Rationale for imaging required and technique adaptation
    • Paediatric anatomy and physiology
    • Fundamentals of paediatric skeletal abnormality to include normal and abnormal variants.
  • Management and Organisation:
    • Consideration for organisation and management of SPI skeletal survey service provision
    • Evaluation of modern technology upon working practice
    • Ethical and legal issues relating to SPI imaging practice, to include Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposures) Regulations (2000) IR(ME)R, and Ionising Radiation Regulations (IRR) (1999), Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNICEF), Children Act (2004)
    • Professional body regulations.
  • Patient Care:
    • Evaluation of patient care, preparation and quality enhancement to service delivery
    • Employment of restraints, immobilisation and sedation considering risk/benefit issues
    • Contrasting the requirements of different patient groups including anaesthetised and sedated patients
    • Appraisal of the use of patient immobilisation relating to risk/benefit issues and dealing with adverse reactions.


Delivered by lecturers with extensive SPI knowledge and experience, the course will encourage you to develop your professional skills and techniques. The course is distance-based, following an optional attendance of the UWE Bristol SPI study day. Teaching will be delivered through a combination of self-directed and e-learning activities to cover image appraisal, practical tasks and the formation of a portfolio of evidence.

Contact hours will be achieved through multiple learning approaches which will typically include attendance of 3 days. One of these days will include the UWE CPD Suspected Physical Injury Study Day. Typically, two hours of contact with the module leader for discussion of module related issues will be facilitated by e-mail, phone conversations and through interaction at attendance days.

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