Contemporary Issues in Advancing Health Practice

University of the West of England, Bristol
Delivery Method: Face-to-face

To apply you must be a registered healthcare professional (as per statutory professional body requirements) working towards advancing healthcare practice.

This course is offered at Masters level and is delivered at our Glenside Campus.

Course content includes:

  • Consideration of the impact of healthcare policy, the context of work and new ways of working in advancing roles from 3 levels or perspectives.
  • Micro: impact on self in relation to using and evaluating healthcare policy and new modes of working to deliver effective services, personal values, role conflict, negotiated boundary definitions, professional judgement and defending decisions, influencing the organisation.
  • Meso: impact on interpersonal relations and processes, e.g. impact on others such as the service user, colleagues, role conflict, power.
  • Macro: including organisational and systemic policies and drivers for service delivery and change (e.g. workforce models, work policies), national policy drivers and, if appropriate, international/global influences and initiatives on the changing face of healthcare provision.
  • Appreciation of the present and contemporary changes in healthcare provision and an analysis of historical and contemporary government initiatives which influence health care provision.
  • The changing culture of contemporary healthcare.
  • Exploration of the skills needed to change working cultures and practices which will include for example change management, the role of leadership, collaboration. influencing and negotiating within the policy context, power and hierarchy within healthcare, business planning and making a business case.


Funding may be available to support your learning. Please contact your Trust Education Lead. If you work in the Private, Independent and Voluntary Sector please contact your employer, who will advise you.

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