Food Allergen Analysis and Management

The University of Manchester
Delivery Method: Blended

Our blended learning master's-level CPD unit in Food Allergen Analysis and Management is aimed at professionals and graduates who wish to develop their practical skills and theoretical knowledge in this area.

This 12-week CPD course looks at topics ranging from food allergen supply chain management to allergen risk communication, food labelling and incident management. The course is based on a unit from our MSc in Chemical Food Safety and Integrity .

You will learn through a combination of online and face-to-face teaching (including practicals) and will gain an overview of IgE and non IgE-mediated adverse reactions to foods, the protein molecules that cause such reactions and the impact that food processing and the food matrix has on their structure and properties.

You will also learn about the way in which complimentary allergen analytical methods, including DNA-based, immune-based and mass spectrometry methods, can be used to inform the risk assessment process.

Scenarios will be modelled using exemplar food matrices with particulate and homogeneously distributed allergens.

Students will be awarded 15 credits on completion of the unit.

A non-credit bearing CPD unit is also available. Find out more and apply using our fast-track application system .

Dates available on arrangement

The University of Manchester can also create this course for you on arrangement at one of their locations.

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