Advanced Transfusion and Transplantation Science

University of the West of England, Bristol
Delivery Method: Distance

The course is offered at Level 3 (Degree).

Course content includes:

  • Core transfusion medicine:
    • Blood group systems - genes, antigens and antibodies
    • Manual and automated techniques and technologies for ABO/D typing, serological crossmatching, red cell phenotyping, antibody screening and identification
    • Overview of blood transfusion services, range of blood components/products manufactured and their applications
    • Principles of pre-transfusion testing
    • Normal ranges and predictive values for pathology tests used to inform transfusion support
    • Aetiology and clinical features of conditions requiring transfusion support
    • Overview of legislation/guidelines relevant to blood transfusion practice.
  • Specialised haematology:
    • Preparation and interpretation of blood films, including blood parasites.
    • Mechanisms and tests of haemostasis
    • Monitoring programmes for anticoagulation therapy
    • Haematinic testing and clinical applications
    • Causes of haematological malignancy
    • Tests for the diagnosis and management of haematological malignancy in the adult
    • Minimal residual disease
    • Antenatal screening tests for haemolytic disease of the foetus and newborn
    • Tests of feto-maternal haemorrhage.
  • Specialised immunology, tissue and transplantation:
    • Immunogenetics and the major histocompatibility complex
    • Transplantation immunology and histocompatibility testing
    • Tests of transplant viability and rejection
    • Tests of immunosuppressive therapy
    • Stem cells
    • Tissue banking
    • The multidisciplinary team approach to the management of tissue and organ transplantation.


Study time includes 72 hours of scheduled learning (including online lectures) and 228 hours of independent learning. There will be two weeks of contact time at UWE in two x one week blocks. Included in each block week are laboratory workshops, lectures and tutorials. The contact time will equate to approximately 12 hours per block (a total of 24 hours).

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