Cellular Pathology and Oncology

University of the West of England, Bristol
Delivery Method: Face-to-face

This course is offered at Level 3 (Degree) and is delivered at our Frenchay Campus.

Modules can be offered either individually or collectively if you have had your first degree evaluated by the IBMS and require further Top-up studies in order to complete the educational requirement for IBMS accreditation.

Course content includes:

  • Technical aspects of Cellular Pathology:
    • Preparative processes in Cellular Pathology; microscopy; the theory of stain action; immunocytochemistry; cytopathology; molecular techniques used and their application
  • Principles of Cancer Biology:
    • The hallmarks of cancer; its genetic basis; oncogenes and tumour suppressor genes; cell signalling in tumours; tumour progression; invasion and metastasis; the role of cancer stem cells.
    • Cancer screening; diagnosis; grading and staging; existing therapeutic strategies; potential future therapies.
  • Tissues and Organs: Pathology and Investigation:
    • A systematic overview of the structure and function of the major organs, their pathology, and associated neoplastic disease. (To include: liver; lung; skin; prostate; reproductive system; gastrointestinal tract; the urinary/renal system;.breast; bone; skin; pancreas; neuroendocrine system).
    • Non-neoplastic disease of the major organs requiring cellular pathological investigation; systemic disease such as amyloidosis and renal disease.
    • The role of cellular pathology in research; quantitation; quality control.


Study time includes 72 hours of scheduled learning (51 hours of lectures, 9 hours of practical classes, 12 hours of tutorials/seminars including 3 hours of revision sessions) and 228 hours of independent learning.

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