Introduction to Guided Imagery using Music

University of the West of England, Bristol
Delivery Method: Face-to-face

This course is offered at Masters level and is delivered at our Glenside Campus.

Course content:

The course incorporates the content of the first level of a Bonny Method of GIM training. Although it does not equip you to practise the Bonny Method of GIM in full (for which further levels of training are required), the course does stand alone as a complete learning experience and will allow healthcare practitioners, therapists, educators and community musicians to incorporate receptive approaches within their own practice. Course content includes:

  • Introduction to receptive approaches:
    • Projective listening
    • Relaxed listening
    • Directed music imaging
    • Undirected music imaging.
  • Level 1 Bonny Method of GIM:
    • Definition and core elements
    • History of method
    • Indications and contraindications for use
    • Introduction to Inductions
    • Introduction to Guiding
      • Structure of sessions
      • Ethics and standards of practice
      • Different levels of consciousness
      • Imagery experiences
      • Use of music to evoke imagery
      • Beginning programmes.
    • Experiential content:
      • Group experience of imaging to music
      • Experiences of guiding and being guided
      • Use of other art forms for processing experiences
      • Demonstrations from trainers.

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    The course involves experiential delivery in the form of face-to-face workshops with music therapy staff who are Fellows of the Association of Music and Imagery specialising in the Bonny Method of GIM. It will involve an introductory day, followed by an intensive four day workshop, ending with two days for viva presentations.

    The course generates 150 hours of study time, 50 hours of which will be spent on formal contact time in seminars and workshops. You will be expected to spend 35 hours completing the coursework assignment and 65 hours on independent reading.

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