Fundamentals of Radiographic Image Interpretation

University of the West of England, Bristol
Delivery Method: Face-to-face

This course is offered at Level 3 (Degree) and is delivered at our Glenside Campus.

Course content includes:

  • Principles of radiographic image interpretation:
    • Impact of disease processes and trauma on radiological appearances, critical image evaluation of frequent conventional general radiological examinations, relevant terminology and abbreviations, normal and abnormal image appearances of axial and appendicular images, pattern recognition, decision making, red dot reporting, image interpretation criteria framework and associated impact upon patient management.
  • Current and future developments:
    • Impact of digital imaging on patient management, role of the radiographer within forensic practice and cross sectional image reporting.
  • Practitioner autonomy:
    • Legal and ethical responsibilities of practitioners, issues related to self-registration and professional indemnity, competence, negligence, clinical governance, clinical supervision, risk management, record and document keeping, quality control of general x-ray equipment
  • Reflection:
    • Reflection and utilisation of reflective skills within modern clinical practice, implementation of reflective models, clinical decision making and self evaluation
  • Technology and management of information:
    • Impact of modern technology infrastructures upon working practice, potential influence on image quality and patient care, health and safety issues, Government strategies, role development, data storage and security.
  • Interprofessional roles:
    • Fundamental interpretation of non-radiology medical tests, application of image interpretation in a multidisciplinary environment.


Course delivery includes formal lectures and seminar based sessions; problem and evidence based learning approaches, reflective and self-based learning, interactive reporting sessions with experienced reporting practitioners and involvement of clinical stakeholders to provide current perspectives upon the developing role of the radiographer within modern practice.

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