Reporting Skills in Nuclear Medicine

University of the West of England, Bristol
Delivery Method: Distance

To apply for this course you must have relevant Nuclear Medicine experience.

Course content includes:

  • Applied Anatomy: applied anatomy, physiology and pathological processes will be introduced for a number of human body systems.
  • Nuclear Medicine Reporting: the following headings will be used to discuss the distribution and appearance of radioactive tracers used across a range of common Nuclear Medicine procedures:
    • Normal patterns of uptake, distribution and excretion
    • Common normal variants
    • Appearance of common pathologies
    • Artefacts commonly encountered
    • Relevance to patient"s management / treatment.
    • Functional and anatomical image appearances within the hybrid-imaging environment (SPECT/CT only) will also be discussed.
  • The Development of a Nuclear Medicine Report: reporting terminology and the construction of a report will be considered in line with current professional guidance.
  • Additional Syllabus Content: the following areas will also form an integral part of the module delivery:
    • Moral rules: ethical principles and philosophical approaches related to image interpretation
    • The rights and duties of healthcare professionals
    • The contractual obligations of professional practitioners including negligence and general legal principles
    • Informed consent and the importance of confidentiality
    • Service enhancement and current clinical legislation / governance
    • Service re-design, innovation and professional role development
    • Approaches to decision making in professional practice.


Scheduled learning will include approximately 30 hours engaged with online lectures, seminars, tutorials, discussion board entries and article critique. Students will be required to complete approximately twenty five percent of the portfolio cases within "supervised reporting sessions" and time to undertake this should be discussed with the clinical mentor/departmental management prior to the commencement of the module.

Funding may be available to support your learning. Please contact your Trust Education Lead. If you work in the Private, Independent and Voluntary Sector, please contact your employer who will advise you.

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