Advanced Life Sciences

University of the West of England, Bristol
Delivery Method: Distance

This course is offered at Level 2.

Course content includes:

  • *Applied Genetics:
    • Genome Mapping
    • Genotyping
    • Population genetics
    • Transgenic Organisms
    • Developmental genetics.
  • *Biology of Microorganisms:
    • Growth, nutrition and death of microbes; catabolism and anabolism
    • Microbial evolution; 16sRNA; bacterial taxonomy
    • Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria of medical, general or industrial importance
    • Virus structure and replication; lysogeny; classification of viruses
    • Certain microbiological diseases and their control relationship between host and microorganisms, mechanisms of pathogenicity.
  • *Human Physiology:
    • Review of neural and endocrine communication systems related to homeostatic control; somatic neuromuscular control; types of muscle as effectors
    • Cardiovascular system
    • Respiration
    • Endocrinology
    • Digestion.
    • Renal physiology
    • Principles of Pharmacology
    • Applied physiology.

*You will choose two of these study areas.


Study time includes 72 hours of scheduled learning (including online lectures) and 228 hours of independent learning.

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