Ear Care & Irrigation Training

Delivery Method: Face-to-face

A full day of extensive course on ear assessment, care and irrigation using a machine irrigator. This course is in line with the national recommended standard in ear irrigation technique. It involves theory, practical demonstration and assessment of the participants. A document competency will be provided to further develop skills until full competency is gained.

Course outline:

  • Professional and legal responsibilities
  • Infection Control issues
  • Developing skills and competency
  • Understanding the indications and contra-indications of ear irrigation
  • Complete ear examination using an Otoscope
  • Understanding different types of ear conditions
  • Strategies in removing ear wax - including olive oil drops
  • Administration of drugs/medicine in the ear
  • Preparing and assembling the ear irrigator
  • Step-bystep ear irrigation
  • Post examination of the ear
  • Documentation and reporting
  • Referral for further treatment
  • Practical demonstration
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