Urethral Catheterisation & Supra-pubic Recatheterisation

Delivery Method: Face-to-face

Course Content:

Aim: this practical workshop in inserting (re-inserting) of urethral and supra-pubic catheters for the residents in the nursing home, which aim to update professionals, the skills needed for safe practice.

  • Applied anatomy and physiology
  • Legal and professional responsibilities
  • Accountability and consent
  • Indications and importance of catheterization
  • Infection control and ANTT
  • Understanding the company policy and keeping up-to-date
  • Equipment preparation for the procedure
  • Step-by-step practical demonstration (mannequin)
  • Management of blockages and complications
  • Documentation
  • Understanding GP’s and other MDT’s role in catheterisation
  • Continuous catheter care and management
  • Practical demonstration – one-to-one session
  • Competency Assessment – signing off
  • Completion of competency – planning
  • Female Cathetersation
  • Male Catheterisation
  • Supra-pubic Re-catheterisation
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