Nasogastric (NGT), PEG & Jejusnostomy Feed Training

Delivery Method: Face-to-face

Course Content:

Aim: an interactive discussion and presentation on the care of residents with PEG tube feeding and practical skills in the management of the feeding tube.

  • Understanding Enteral Feeding
  • Concept, use, and advantages of types of enteral tubes - NGT, PEG & Jejunostomy
  • Legal and professional responsibilities
  • Accountability and consent
  • Understanding the Tube & Feed types
  • How to commence feed, flush, and secure
  • Medication via enteral tubes
  • Equipment required in enteral feeding
  • Placement of NGT - monitoring and latency management
  • Everyday care, cleaning and monitoring of Enteral Feed tubes
  • Equipment needed in cleaning and feeding
  • Discontinuing enteral feed
  • Prescription and care plan check
  • Step-by-step practical demonstration (mannequin) –feeding and care
  • Troubleshooting and complication management
  • Infection monitoring and reporting
  • Documentation & monitoring of care
  • Practical demonstration with the manikin – including group scenario
  • Competency Assessment – signing off
  • Completion of competency – planning
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